Electricity Related Services

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Maybe you still have fuses and would like to have breakers, or perhaps you need a subpanel added to the main panel

Ceiling Fan Installation/Replacement

A quality ceiling fan is a quite and energy-efficient way to keep your room temperatures more comfortable

Garage Door Opener Installation/Replacement

The average garage door opener lasts about ten years, it’s probably time to replace your old unit

Light Fixture Replacement

Perhaps it’s time to update the fixture style or perhaps you want to change over to energy efficient bulbs

Switch and Outlet Installation/Replacement

Do you wish you had an outlet in a more convenient location or is it time to replace the cheap builder-grade electrical devices with a spec-grade device

Smoke Detector / Fire Alarm Installation

Battery-operated detector/alarms are not code; for your family’s safety, every bedroom needs to have a detector/alarm that is hard-wired into the electric service

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