• Bathroom Projects

    From simple replacement of bathroom fixtures…to new floor or wall tile…to total gut out and expansion…I can help you update this critical room

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  • Deck Projects

    Perhaps it’s time to stain the deck…or maybe it’s time to replace the decking and handrailing…or maybe it needs to be enlarged…I can help you with your favorite outdoor space

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  • Flooring Projects

    From sanding and refinishing hardwood floors…to installation of new wood or laminate flooring…to installation of porcelain or stone flooring…I can help you upgrade to the floor of your dreams

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  • Kitchen Projects

    If your kitchen is over twenty years old, it’s probably do for a re-do. I can paint or refinish your vintage cabinets…or replace the cabinets with high-quality new ones…or install new drawers and organizing systems

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  • Renovations

    Is it time to update your outdated Basement, Family Room, or Porch…or perhaps you want to redo some bedrooms and add a Master Bath…let me help you with these major home improvements

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  • Designs

    For most projects, I don’t prepare detailed design drawings as the work is usually routine and straightforward.  However, for some projects, design drawings are made either for our own purpose in planning project details or by request of the client to help plan/visualize a potential project.  If design drawings are need for our own purpose, there is usually no separate fee as the cost of making the drawing is incorporated into the overall cost of the project.  If design drawings are requested by the client to help them plan or visualize a potential project, then there is an additional fee for the cost of developing the drawings and any alternative iterations.

    • Examples of Deck Design Drawings

      Deck Projects

    • Example of Kitchen Design Drawings

      Kitchen Projects

    • Example of Renovation Design Drawings

      Renovation Projects

    • Example of Special Project Design Drawings

      Special Projects

    • Example of Tile and Flooring Design Drawings

      Tile and Flooring Projects

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